Embracing your authentic self.

Embrace Your Authentic Self

Every minute of every day we are bombarded by marketing and media telling us how to be, who to be, and why to be that. Genuine individuality can easily be lost, without intention, amongst the layers of societal influences.


When I was a store manager, one thing we all used to say to one another was, You Do You, Boo. I loved that. We very much valued one another for who they were, how they were, and no one judged anyone. We need to support and encourage one another to “do you” or “be you” because it is so easy to get wrapped up in the hullabaloo, and think you’re doing you, when really you are just doing what is suggested, preventing you from living an authentic life.

“But I love Leggings & Lattes!”


All of that being said, it is totally cool if you see an ad for a pair of shoes, you buy the shoes, and you love the shoes with all your might. I myself am a major fan of the yoga pants movement, and I’m not even a yogi. They let you wear the pants though, if you’re a good person.Those pants are just too comfortable to pass up.


If something is presented to you, and simply based on the product itself, not the falsehood that owning this product will make you popular or cool or wealthy or famous, but only on that pair of shoes or those pants, and you like the product, by all means, engage.


This specific call to action requires you to do some serious soul searching and partake in some introspective consideration. While it will hopefully leave you feeling a more genuine sense of self, it will also simultaneously support the call to action to minimize. Double win.


“But how will I know if I truly like it?!”


Okay. So how do you know if you own 3 cases of makeup because you love makeup, or because someone, or something, told you that these products will make you x,y, and z? Most likely, an ad somewhere suggested that if you wear this lipstick, you will be approached by an attractive person, always a man but hey, what about the lipstick lesbians? (sidenote: but seriously, it’s a little presumptuous)


So even if you like makeup, truly love doing make up and sharing make up tips, which is awesome, you could probably get by with fewer products. Put your money elsewhere, maybe to starting up a blog or youtube channel of makeup tutorials, or save it up for cosmetology school. You could even label yourself The Minimalist Make Up Guru. (do with that what you would like)


You have probably heard the label “Basic”. If not, let me explain. Basic is the term all the young, hip kids are using to label people or habits that are simply going with the societal flow. Someone with a lack of originality, a habit that everyone else and their mother engages in. So someone might say to their friend who just bought the latest kicks and stopped by Starbucks for a Mocha latte, “dude, why you gotta be so basic?”


Be “Basic” if you love it!


I will not tell you, don’t be basic. I sure do have my basic habits, and I do not apologize for them. As I explained earlier, I love yoga pants, I own knock off Uggz (which I don’t get to wear out here in the desert but I love dearly), and I sure do love a latte. On the contrary, I also don’t wear makeup, I don’t have 20 pairs of shoes, I don’t watch reality television.


Do you see what I am saying here? You most likely have some interests or products that would put you in the Basic category, we all do, but you genuinely love and enjoy those things for you, not because someone told you to. Ideally, if you are “doing you”, you also have many habits or interests that are not so basic.


There is a likelihood as well, that some of you may have hobbies or interests that you don’t make so public due to a fear of ridicule or non acceptance. Don’t let the opinions of others, influence you into denying yourself a life of genuine joy and happiness.


This is the call to action. Take some time to reflect on all the things you own, the things you say and do, and watch, all your pieces and parts, and do some pruning if necessary. If you have been hiding a love for Magic The Gathering cards because your cool friends will frown upon it, hide no more. If they laugh, let them laugh. Never hide your true self.


If you are constantly upgrading your gadgets to the latest version, leaving you hundreds of dollars in debt, please, oh please stop. Your phone works fine. And owning the newest version of that phone if not going to improve your life or your status one iota. I promise. If, someone suddenly thinks you are cooler or hipper because you have the latest IPhone, they too probably need to do some inward investigating and pruning, and they’re not worth your energy.

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