Intentional life

Intention. More urbanites are living a life of intention as they embrace lifestyles such as minimalism, shopping local, and digital detoxing. All of these practices are rooted in a desire to live a more intentional life.


In minimalism, the intention is to shift priorities and focus on real value in life. When you shop local, the intention is to give back to the community what conglomerate monsters have taken away. When we engage in digital detoxing, the intention is to become more mindful in our actions and similar to minimalism, shift our priorities and re-evalute what we consider value.


Intention means essentially that we meant (or intended) to do that, or say that, or experience that. One would think that in all our actions and inactions, we have intentions. It would make sense. If I am in action, I chose that action… right? Surprisingly, not exactly.


As we lose focus, and function in mindless state instead of a mindful one, we do not act with intention, but out of habit or reflex. When you drink 3 Cokes every day, is your intention to gain weight, rot your teeth, and feed the corporate giants? Probably not…


It’s habit and reflex and addiction. No intention here.


When we bring awareness to our choices and how they affect ourselves and others, we can begin to alter our lifestyles and routines, and set our intentions. As living, breathing beings, we want to do good, feel good, and be good. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that every person in the world, would agree with having at least one of these intentions. It also wouldn’t be a stretch to say that probably at least 50% of those people, are not living in ways that satisfy these intentions.


Let’s talk about the intention to “do good”. This of course is very broad and could mean a variety of things, but overall I think it means to have a positive effect on society. So let’s focus on one specific action. Purchasing disposable water bottles. I can hear someone now somewhere shouting…


“The eff?! How is me buying a water bottle going against doing good?”


This is a small example and I chose it because it’s easy to breakdown. Stick with me here.


If you recycle that daily water bottle, that is awesome! Keep it up. However, if you live in a place that does not make recycling accessible to the masses, these disposable water bottles are piling up in the hundreds of thousands in a land fill somewhere. Now, I would bet your intention was only to hydrate, and not to contribute to the growing problem of overstuffed, methane producing landfills.


You are not a bad person for buying water bottles! I did it for many many years! I am an avid gym goer and one must hydrate at the gym, for sure! There is a better way. Reusable cups and bottles! You save money and the environment, and you hydrate. Everybody wins!


Intention is similar to a goal in that it is something we set and then strive to achieve. Intentions, I think, are somewhat broader and on a grander scale. For example, your goal may be to lose 10 pounds, your intention might be to be good to your body and embrace it’s potential.


Take some time to reflect, consider what is important to you, and set your intentions.Without knowing our intentions, reality happens to us, we do not create it.


Once you set your intentions, determine if there are any habits in your daily routine that may not be supporting them. You might be surprised. Once you become aware, you can bring mindfulness into your routine, adjust as needed, and turn your awesome intentions into an awesome reality!


I would love to hear what some of your intentions are, and how you live them out!


peace & love always

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