where do you go in absence of presence

Where Do You Go, When You Are Not Present

Would you pay 10 dollars to go see a movie, and then sit through the entirety of the film with your eyes closed and ear plugs in? Of course you wouldn’t, you paid good money to see that film!


Well let me tell you – your life is worth considerably more than 10 dollars – and way too often are we going through life with blinders on and the volume turned down. Too often, we miss precious opportunities we will never see again, inspiring interactions, beautiful moments.


So what are we doing when we are missing out? More than likely we are thinking about work, and not in a loving way. It wouldn’t be so bad if we were lazily daydreaming about Monday and all the joys and treasures it would bring. The reality however, is most of us leave the serenity of a Sunday evening relaxing with loved ones, to begin dreading and fretting over everything that Monday will bring, because of course we are Psychic and we know already, right?


False. But we sure do like to manifest a crappy Monday for ourselves.


Where else do we go?


We could be lost in the rabbit hole that is Facebook. Before I get too deep into this, let me preface by saying, I support and do enjoy Facebook. It can be a wonderful platform for spreading feel good videos, inspirational quotes, and don’t even get me started on baby animal videos.


On the flip side, Facebook can be, if you allow it, a bottomless black hole that sucks us in and we feel powerless to stop the free fall. I am personally guilty of scrolling aimlessly, looking for… well I am never really sure what I am looking for. Then I start to look at an old friend’s photos.


Inner monologue:

Oh her trip to Europe looks so amazing! I wish I could go to Europe. I will probably never go. There is no way I could afford that. Wow her life is so much better than mine. I am failing at life.


Sound familiar? Friends, comparison truly is the thief of joy. So don’t compare, celebrate! Be happy that a fellow zurbanite has been given the opportunity to have these experiences. Don’t compare, be inspired! If this is something that YOU genuinely want to do, work out the steps and the how to and get your gears in motion.


Where else?


We could be tied up in our head regretting this, that, or whatever. It is funny how easy it is to get lost in our head spending valuable time and precious energy, fretting about the days gone by and our actions or inactions. I say it is funny because there is very little productive value in regret. Of course it is valuable to go “oh man, that could have gone better, so next time I will x, y, and z.” The end. No more time spent on that.


While we are worrying about tomorrow, regretting yesterday, and 2 hours deep into the internet spiral, we are missing it. We miss the sun rising or setting. We miss our loved ones smiling and laughing. We miss opportunities to lift someone’s day with a kind word. We miss the gratitude in our pup’s tail wag when we come home from work. We miss gratitude and love and peace.


The first step is always, becoming aware. Now that you know where you go, or where you could go, you can raise your consciousness and stop the cycle. When you find yourself worrying about the party next weekend, you can come back to here and now and enjoy the sun on your face and the breeze in your hair. Knowledge is power. You are now officially empowered.


Do Good.

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