5 acts of kindness with big impacts

5 Simple & Powerful Ways to Be Kind Daily

We may all be very different and unique individuals, but at the core of every heart, is a person who wants to do good things. We all want to feel good. We all want to experience the warm fuzzies of a generous act. We may not always know it, and it may get bogged down […]

3 ways to practice self love

3 Ways to Practice Self Love

Whether or not we realize it, too often, we are our own worst enemies. We bully and berate ourselves on almost a daily basis. Whether it be through negative self talk or staying in unhealthy relationships, we aren’t showing ourselves the loving, self-respect we deserve.   If we aim to go out into the world […]

5 ways to return to zen

5 Simple Ways to Return to Zen

In our crazy, hectic, chaotic days it is all too easy to get caught up in the rush and lose sight of our zenful state of mind. That is okay. You are a human being and we are designed to fluctuate, it is all part of the ebb and flow, the wax and wane. Don’t […]