A lesson in consciousness

A Lesson in Consciousness & Why You Should Raise It

Let’s begin by talking a little bit about what consciousness means. When you look consciousness up on dictionary.com, you find several definitions, but each is rooted in being awake and aware.   However, we are not discussing simply going from sleep to wake in the actual sense. Or from fainting to regaining consciousness. We are […]

You have a purpose and it matters.

Finding Your Purpose, When You’re Feeling Without

What is the meaning of life & what is my purpose?   Two of the big questions we so crave answers to in life. Now the meaning, we will save that doozy for another day, but today I want to talk about purpose.   Purpose is the reason for which something exists. Now, consider for […]

happy now, not happy when.

Choose Happy Now, Ditch “I’ll Be Happy When…”

All we have is here & now.   Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is a mere idea. So in this moment, in all that exists, shouldn’t we choose happiness? If you don’t know this yet, as it is not widely known and it is a powerful tool, happiness is a choice, and you can choose […]

Priorities, finding real happiness

I Left Money & Gained Happiness

Back in May of 2016, I left a management job where I was making enough money to live comfortably. I could pay my bills and still had “fun money”. I could go to Target and impulsively buy $50 worth of stuff I didn’t need and I didn’t think twice about it. I thought this was […]

social mean, when it helps and when it hurts

Social Media: When it Helps and When it Hurts

Okay guys, I am fully prepared for some lash back here and I am open to it! I would love to get conversations started on the topic of the perks and pitfalls of social media. I only encourage an open mind, and I think you’ll understand where I am coming from here.   I heart […]

eco-conscious, what it means and why it matters

Eco-Conscious, What it Means & Why It’s Awesome

Earth. What a beautiful place, right? Blue skies, valleys of trees, and ample bodies of clean, blue water. It’s a lovely place to live. But it won’t be for long if we continue to deny all the harm we are doing to it. It is an absolute need, that we the masses, begin making eco-conscious […]

How to be Comfortable being Uncomfortable

I am not a yogi by any means of the word, and one of my favorite things about this blog is my average Janeness…  but I have dabbled in Yoga on several occasions. My favorite takeaway from my minimal experience with yoga, was that the practice challenges you to be “comfortable with being uncomfortable”.   […]

digital detox will improve your life

3 Benefits of Digital Detox

This will be a topic near and dear to my heart that I will address more than once, and I hope it resonates with some of you too. The Zenful Urbanite movement was essentially born out of my distaste for cell phone addiction and how I felt it was harming society. It’s not a secret […]

5 themes of the Zenful Urbanite Movement

5 Themes of the Zenful Urbanite Movement

I say it and I say it and I say it again. Every day when we wake up and go out into the world, we make hundreds of choices that can contribute to good or the not so good. For no reason that I can think of, would anyone choose willingly to contribute to anything […]

when you feel happy, you commit acts of goodness

How Self Care Affects More Than Yourself

The happier, you are, the kinder you will be. The more peace you feel, the more patient you will be. The you live from a place of love, the more compassionate you will be.   None of the above statements are rooted in any scientific proof that I am aware of, but in my own […]