How to get the most out of your Sundays.

5 Ways to Own Your Sunday

Ah, Sunday.   The ultimate lazy day, and who doesn’t love a lazy day? A day to let go of all our busy thoughts and set aside the ever growing and seemingly never ending to-do list. A day to relax, reflect, rejuvenate and fill our tanks back up for the week to come.   For […]

Embracing your authentic self.

Embrace Your Authentic Self

Every minute of every day we are bombarded by marketing and media telling us how to be, who to be, and why to be that. Genuine individuality can easily be lost, without intention, amongst the layers of societal influences.   When I was a store manager, one thing we all used to say to one […]

3 ways to practice self love

3 Ways to Practice Self Love

Whether or not we realize it, too often, we are our own worst enemies. We bully and berate ourselves on almost a daily basis. Whether it be through negative self talk or staying in unhealthy relationships, we aren’t showing ourselves the loving, self-respect we deserve.   If we aim to go out into the world […]

digital detox will improve your life

3 Benefits of Digital Detox

This will be a topic near and dear to my heart that I will address more than once, and I hope it resonates with some of you too. The Zenful Urbanite movement was essentially born out of my distaste for cell phone addiction and how I felt it was harming society. It’s not a secret […]

when you feel happy, you commit acts of goodness

How Self Care Affects More Than Yourself

The happier, you are, the kinder you will be. The more peace you feel, the more patient you will be. The you live from a place of love, the more compassionate you will be.   None of the above statements are rooted in any scientific proof that I am aware of, but in my own […]

5 ways to return to zen

5 Simple Ways to Return to Zen

In our crazy, hectic, chaotic days it is all too easy to get caught up in the rush and lose sight of our zenful state of mind. That is okay. You are a human being and we are designed to fluctuate, it is all part of the ebb and flow, the wax and wane. Don’t […]