minimalism, what it is & why it's awesome

Minimalism: What It Means & Why It’s Awesome

Minimalism this, minimalism that. What’s all this buzz about Minimalism? Let’s talk about it.   Minimalism has been gaining popularity in recent years, largely due to a couple of awesome fellas, The Minimalists (who I will talk about… a lot). Let me tell you what Minimalism embodies, and why you should adopt a Minimalist lifestyle…like… yesterday. […]

benefits of minimalism

Own Few Things & Love Them Madly

We live in a consumer society. No wait, we live in an incredibly overstimulated, consumer society. According to the folks over at The Motley Fool, the average American is spending $140 dollars a day. *insert mouth agape emoji* Some of you may be shaking your heads saying, there is no way that is true. I […]