Labels limit our ability to connect and love.

Labels are Limiting. Love people, Don’t Label Them.

At what point in evolution did people decide, “hmm… I need to know what box of people you belong in, so I’m going to have to label you, I hope you don’t mind. Let’s see… You are tall, so you must be an athlete, and you’re a female athlete, so you might be gay, and […]

5 acts of kindness with big impacts

5 Simple & Powerful Ways to Be Kind Daily

We may all be very different and unique individuals, but at the core of every heart, is a person who wants to do good things. We all want to feel good. We all want to experience the warm fuzzies of a generous act. We may not always know it, and it may get bogged down […]

judge free zone, we are all imperfect

Instead of Judging, Try Understanding

As I have gotten older, I have observed that more and more I find myself uncomfortable and uneasy in social settings or gatherings of many people. Anywhere there are packs of people, I find myself going to a dark corner of my mind where I do not want to be. This is the place where […]