How to get the most out of your Sundays.

5 Ways to Own Your Sunday

Ah, Sunday.   The ultimate lazy day, and who doesn’t love a lazy day? A day to let go of all our busy thoughts and set aside the ever growing and seemingly never ending to-do list. A day to relax, reflect, rejuvenate and fill our tanks back up for the week to come.   For […]

Develop a healthy relationship with exercise.

How to Develop a Healthy & Lasting Relationship with Exercise

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am unabashedly, unconditionally, without falter, in love with and devoted to… Zumba. Now wait, don’t dismiss it just yet. Let me tell you how Zumba has changed my life, and not just because it has given my inner Latina lady her time to shine. I am going to […]