Quiet & Still, the Universal Holiday Gift

No matter how you spend today, what holiday you may or may not be celebrating in whatever way you do or don’t celebrate, there is one universal awesome thing about today. This morning I had to drive through town to take care of some dogs I am sitting, and there was something very unique about town today. Something you never see on any other day.


Every parking lot was empty. The roads were bare apart from a few cars here and there. All was quiet and still. The one thing so many of us struggle to find, and so desperately seek, is gifted to us on this day.


Whether we are spending a quiet day alone with our cats, or sharing hoots and hollas with 30 loved ones, or throwing back a few cocktails with a couple new or old friends… there is one thing, for the most part, none of us are doing. We’re not shopping, we’re not consuming. We’re hopefully not thinking about the stresses of work or school. We are enjoying the gifts of the moment.


Of course by gifts I don’t mean the gadgets and gizmos we received, I mean the laughs… the loves. The quiet moments. The not so quiet moments.  The real gifts. At the end of the day, it’s not the IPads or the FitBits we remember, it’s the fond memories we made…


That time you made your dad laugh so hard he could barely breathe; that time your best friend drove home from New York and surprised you on your birthday; that time your sister told you she was pregnant in the funniest way and you still weren’t sure if she was kidding after 5 minutes; those hundreds of times your mom made everything better just by listening and caring. (these are just a few of my favorite memories)


These are the moments people. The moments we should live for. Not the cars. Not the houses. Not the diamonds. The moments.


So I would like to propose something. We should incorporate more days where we focus on what is really important. Let’s not wait till Christmas to roll around again. Let’s not go out shopping because we choose not to, not because the stores are closed. Let’s stay at home and embrace the quiet moments. Let’s plan a dinner get together, just because. Because we are alive and that is reason enough to celebrate! Let’s call our distant loved one’s because it’s Tuesday, and that… is reason enough to celebrate.


Let’s make the still and quiet, a part of our daily lives. We need it. We deserve it.


Sending Zenful Holiday Vibes to you all.

quiet & still, the universal holiday gift
how the holiday gifts us all with a moment to be quiet and still


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