You have a purpose and it matters.

Finding Your Purpose, When You’re Feeling Without

What is the meaning of life & what is my purpose?


Two of the big questions we so crave answers to in life. Now the meaning, we will save that doozy for another day, but today I want to talk about purpose.


Purpose is the reason for which something exists. Now, consider for a moment, where you think find their purpose. Most often it is found in our jobs or our roles in society or the family. A mother may feel her purpose is to raise healthy, happy little humans.  A doctor may feel his or her purpose is to save and enhance quality of lives.


Finding purpose in these roles is absolutely a-okay! But let’s take this discussion a little deeper and discuss how purpose does not have to be grand or concrete, to matter.


Even the parent, who when needing to feel a purpose focuses on his or her parenting purpose, have many more purposes beyond this, some they may be aware of and some they may not. Perhaps beyond parenting, this particular parent is also very funny and brings a lot of joy to many people’s lives by spreading laughter. Perhaps this doctor, is also very positive and lifts the spirits of many people, and not just patients.

Purpose can be found in so many aspects of our lives. Roles and dispositions aside, we may also have hidden purposes that we will never know about.


Imagine you walk into a coffee shop for your routine morning coffee, and inside you notice that an apple has fallen from the fruit rack and you pick it up and place it back where it belongs. Had you not made this stop and picked up this apple, perhaps 2 minutes later a young girl running late for work was going to run in, slip on that apple, and sprain her ankle. Hmm… hidden purposes.


Being the sister of a naturopathic doctor, now married with her first baby, I began wondering what my purpose was a few years back. I of course entertained that purpose could be found elsewhere, but there was still a prominent part of me that felt lacking.


Since then, I now know that I have many purposes. I have two rescue pups and one rescue cat who have warm loving homes with me. Cooper, Bodhi and I found on a seemingly insignificant walk one Monday morning, alone in a park just watching the birds. Now that he is home with us, I know my purpose was to find him. Had I been anywhere else in life, had any detail been different, who knows what his story would be.


I have worked at a variety of jobs, where I am certain I have had a positive impact on at least one person, somehow. Every day, at least 99% of the time, I go out into the world and I am kind and positive. I know people, even those I do not know, benefit from this.


When it all comes down to it, we all have so many purposes varying from this to that, from black and white to harder to carve out, from obvious to hidden, but they all matter. The doctor and the lawyer, the seamstress and the barista, all have a purpose that is necessary, and important.


Do not question your purpose or whether or not it matters. We can’t all be doctors and we can’t all be baristas. We need to have a variety of people with a variety of skills and interests, for everything to function as it does. Could you imagine if we were all doctors? There would be no one running the theatres to catch a flick, no one tending the bar to have a drink with friends, no one stocking the grocery shelfs so we can put food on the table. It just wouldn’t work.


Take these thoughts of mine, and consider just how many ways you serve a purpose, you might be surprised by what you come up with, and wonder why you ever questioned your own purpose.


Thank you for reading, and if you found any value in this, feel free to peruse the archives, I am certain you will enjoy some older posts as well!



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