eco-conscious, what it means and why it matters

Eco-Conscious, What it Means & Why It’s Awesome

Earth. What a beautiful place, right? Blue skies, valleys of trees, and ample bodies of clean, blue water. It’s a lovely place to live. But it won’t be for long if we continue to deny all the harm we are doing to it. It is an absolute need, that we the masses, begin making eco-conscious decisions.


The truth is, we have done some real damage to our home planet. There is no denying it anymore. It’s right in front of our faces every day. Just this morning on my walk with the beasts, litter was everywhere… and I don’t live in a landfill, nor next to one.


So let’s talk about what it means to be eco-conscious. Well, we talk about being conscious all the time, which means to be aware. So one can assume from the breakdown of the word that it means to be CONSCIOUS of ECOLOGY. Now ecology, let’s look that one up just to be very specific.


According to Merriam-Webster


ECOLOGY :  a branch of science concerned with the interrelationship of organisms and their environments


So look at it this way, we the people, are the organisms. We have a relationship with the earth, our environment. That, is ecology. Sadly, this relationship needs some serious counseling.


Most unfortunately, often in this relationship we take more than we give. Let’s consider just a few of the ways the earth is suffering in this relationship.


Streams and ponds and oceans have been polluted by runoff from factories. Dense forests have drastically diminished in size due to the pillaging of the trees for the paper industry. The invaluable air we breathe, the very thing that keeps us alive, has knowingly been polluted by toxic gases from once again, the big factories fueling that money hungry corporations.


Now, that is a massive amount of damage and I know we as individuals cannot turn that all around, in a week, month, or even a year. But there are choices we can make or not make that will ever so slightly, tilt the scale back to a better, happier, healthier planet earth. These choices: are eco conscious choices.


For example, I find that most the litter I see on the streets, or even waste in my own trash can, is often food related. One choice you can make to start limiting your contribution to waste, is choosing not to take a bag, or plastic cutlery or napkins when you order takeout or fast food. When I go to Chipotle, I leave with just a bowl. I have forks at home and I imagine you do as well. Some of us, probably 20.


In the grocery store, if you’re purchasing one or two onions or cucumbers, you don’t have to put them in a plastic bag. You also don’t have to twist tie that bag shut. More often than not, unless I am buying more than 3 of an item, I just throw whatever produce I am picking up, straight into the cart. No bag. No tie. No waste.


These are only a few of the eco-conscious decisions you can make that will make an impact in the long run, and I intend to write more posts on the ways we can make better choices for the environment down the blogging road. But for now, takeaway from this article, the knowledge of what it means to be eco-conscious in your choices, and the empowerment to do so.


I believe in the power of one. It always starts with one. You can be that one.


Now go do good!

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