a day in the life of a budding zenful urbanite

A Day in the Life of a Budding Zenful Urbanite

I’m going to take this blogging opportunity to allow you an insider’s look at the goings on in my day, and more intimately… in my head. Welcome to my world, enjoy.


Well first thing’s first. Someone, or something, will wake me up. Every night I set an alarm with the wasted hope that I will get to sleep till it goes off. More often than not, instead of a lovely little acoustical diddy, slowly string me awake, I am awoken by sharp claws scratching my chest, repeated licks on my arms, and a chorus of whines and whimpers. My precious furbabies, Bodhi and Cooper. How do they know when it’s 3 minutes before my alarm? Either way, that is how I wake up.


The grumpy distaste for the rude awakening quickly dissipates once I get a few cuddles in, and I get to stand up and put on pants. Then I remember, I love these weirdos with all my being, and they’re just excited to hang out with me (or they have to pee and want to eat).  Either way. No one’s mad and I am ready for our peaceful walk.


We walk and watch the sun rise, and of course claim everything as ours. On these walks, I think about this and that, and most often nothing too heavy or stressful. I might think about blog posts. I might think about the trees in the park. I might wonder what the weirdos are thinking about. I just let my mind wander freely.


After the walk, we return home and I feed the beasts, Rube Rose the Cat included. Everyone is fully and done their business, and it’s time for a little me time.


I prep the royal blue French press and begin to heat the water. I turn on the computer and straighten up any mess from the previous night. I must start the day with a clear mind and heart, and so lovely spaces and clutter free stations are an essential.


The water is warm and I slowly pour into whatever coffee grounds were on sale and dark this week! I love coffee, but I am no connoisseur. I drink my coffee black and stare at the computer trying to develop some kind of game plan. I have budgeted 30 minutes to brain storm or write or design, whatever I feel. I decide. I begin.


My creative morning time draws to a close and I have some breakfast. Nothing too big or elegant, and nothing to small. I don’t care if it sounds like a PSA, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I won’t leave without it. I highly recommend hard boiled eggs and bananas for protein, potassium, and simplicity!


I always aim to leave for anywhere I am going, with plenty of time to avoid rushing with leads to two things, neither of which are positive… heightened blood pressure and reckless driving. On the way to work, I enjoy time listening to either my Latino Mix station or Alternative AZ. A newly incorporated habit, no phones at red lights. At red lights I take time to practice patience and freely roaming thoughts.


At work, where I greet and interact with patients and clients, I welcome everyone with a warm smile and offer tea and water. I make small talk and love to learn all the little bits and pieces about people I hardly know. It is amazing what you can learn in a waiting room. I enjoy our shared moments of random connection.


At the end of the work day, I return home where I once again am greeted by paws to the gut, a choruses of whimpering and whining. I like to think they’re saying “Welcome home Human, we miss you we love you!”. They very well could be saying “Holy canoly I have to pee so bad it’s insane, and I why do I only get two meals a day while you get three?!… Insanity.”


I remove my work clothes and in the moments of removal, I remove more than shoes… it’s symbolic. When you come home, there is this invisible, intangible transition between work mode and home mode… and whether or not we realize it, we are responsible for facilitating a successful transition.


In doing my part to ensure I leave word mind, when I peel the layers of clothing, when I shower… I am cleansing and removing the day, whatever may have happened. If we make no actual effort to transition, we could stay in work mind/mode all night and that may not always be a good thing.


I take out the pups and feed them dinner, while I also begin to prepare something for myself to eat. While preparing whatever I can scrounge up, I am no cook… not by any means of the word, I also decide how I want me evening to pan out. Am I feeling a Friends Binge, or blog planning? Am I feeling hot bath, crocheting, or maybe even cleaning.


I enjoy the quiet moments of the evening, ensuring I get a few laughs in, a few deep breaths, and a few moments of reflection. As my eyelids become heavy and my motor begins to slow, I take the beasts for one last potty break. Upon returning inside, I begin my nightly rituals. I brush, floss, and rinse. Guys… PSA and I am not sorry… You have to floss. Keep those pearly whites not only pearly, but in your mouth in general!


I pull back the covers, and turn on my fan. While I appreciate a good silent moment here and there throughout the day, I am a white noise sleeper. I simply can not fall asleep in the deafening silence of nightfall. As I drift off to sleep, I slow my thoughts and think about how nice it is to be warm and cozy in my bed. I feel fortunate, and peaceful… on good nights. I look forward to starting again tomorrow.

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