5 themes of the Zenful Urbanite Movement

5 Themes of the Zenful Urbanite Movement

I say it and I say it and I say it again. Every day when we wake up and go out into the world, we make hundreds of choices that can contribute to good or the not so good. For no reason that I can think of, would anyone choose willingly to contribute to anything ugly or negative, but it happens, and it happens without thinking. Because we’re sleeping. We’re unconsciously going through our days.


There are ample ways and actions we can take to increase our contribution to the Zenful Urbanite movement. But to avoid feeling overwhelmed, I always suggest start small and take baby steps. There is no way you can wake up tomorrow and be Mother Theresa. I mean, it’s just not possible.


And also, let’s not even start comparing. It is the thief of joy afterall. Be your own kind of Zenful Urbanite. Be your own brand of goodness. Whether you feel a powerful pull to stand up for the little guy, or encourage others to recycle, or omit positive energy through your own vibrations… there are multiple platforms you can choose to focus your energies on.




I start with digital because quite honestly, this is where it all started. I began to have a very strong love/hate relationship with my phone and all things technology. I started to full subscribe to the notion that we were all becoming drones and disconnected to ourselves and our surrounding world.


Now here is the thing, I still believe very much that there is an imbalance, but I also believe that phones and technology have contributed greatly to our world!


Ultimately, it comes down to balance, like most things. I recommend to every Zenful Urbanite to take part in some sort of Digital Detox, Digital Awareness, when embarking on this journey. The phone is a very strong contender in the guilty parties for taking us away from the here and now.


This is a great place to start. Make a conscious effort to note every time you pull your phone out, why you are looking at it, if it can wait, and where you should be focusing right now. Raise your awareness in regards to your digital world, and you will raise it in all areas of your life.




In our world today, we are very industrious and unfortunately, wasteful. More fortunately, we have begun in recent years to take note of and take action to eliminate these problems. We still have a lot of work to do, but the momentum is there.


This is certainly an area in which we can grow as Zenful Urbanites. There are many ways you can help conserve our beautiful world, without much effort at all really. I will be blogging many of these ways in the near future.




In an urban society, we are incredibly overrun with fast, guilt ridden, not so good for us foods. In unfortunate combination with that, we also move far less than we did hundreds of years ago (you will hear me say this a lot… hundreds of years ago) Because of our office jobs, many of us sit at a desk far longer than we should and with video games and IPads being far more popular than kickball, many of our kids are just as stagnant.


To up your Zenful Urbanite game in regards to your physical state, you take conscious action to engage in some sort of physical fitness and make wise choices when deciding what food to fuel your body with.


In regards to this platform, I will blog further on healthy choices, restaurants that are providing us with good food, a world of options in regards to fitness, and then some.




Hundreds of years ago (see, I told you)… communities were a real thing. Community meant something more than it does now. Neighbors really did help raise children, and community efforts were made when one family was in need.


In our modern day and age, we are less likely to know our neighbors due for many reasons. For one thing, texting has made it difficult for some of us to talk to strangers. While at one point this was a normal thing, some people are utterly shocked now if a stranger begins talking to them, or the idea of striking up a conversation with a stranger can be crippling for someone with social anxiety.


In regards to this platform, I will blog further on human connection, ways we can get involved with our community, and how to overcome social awkwardness.




I saved this one for last because more and more this is becoming one of my favorite areas. Be… Educated. Friends, fellow Zenful Urbanites… there is so much… they aren’t telling us. There is so much we don’t know. When we aren’t informed, we can’t make the best choices. The best choices for us. The best choices for our future. The best choices for our environment.


In regards to education, I will blog further on shedding light, sharing truths, and empowering you to question everything! I had two professors in college who truly left a mark on me. They each said one thing that stuck with me… Professor Dan Lago said to us,


“Question Everything!”.


I highly recommend it.



Okay fam, I hope this made things a little clearer as to what my intentions are here with The Zenful Urbanite Movement, and I hope something struck you and made you have the “I want to be a part of The Zenful Urbanite Movement!” moment.


Please comment with any questions, suggestions, ideas, funny jokes, baby animal videos… anything! I am super amped to get this movement rolling and to grow our Zenful Urbanite fam!

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