5 acts of kindness with big impacts

5 Simple & Powerful Ways to Be Kind Daily

We may all be very different and unique individuals, but at the core of every heart, is a person who wants to do good things. We all want to feel good. We all want to experience the warm fuzzies of a generous act. We may not always know it, and it may get bogged down under a lot of static and white noise, but the desire to be kind, as a human being, is always there.


Fortunately for the world, the desire to do good most often fights it way through all the muck and clutter, and says “Pay Attention to Me!”. In a moment, our eyes open and we become suddenly aware of the less than good conditions all around us. We feel a strong urge to go out and spread good vibes. We want to be superheroes and change the world!


We embrace the desire with all our might, get uber amped up, and then fizzle out when we struggle with the game plan. How do I change the world? How do I “spread good vibes?” It seems like such a tall order and so, overwhelmed and lacking a plan, we go back to the usual. We do our thing, and we distract ourselves with pleasantries, so we don’t have to figure it out.


Making an impact through kind acts is way easier than you think! Often, it’s the tiny, insignificant moments that can have the biggest impact on people. Because we’re often unconsciously going through our days, we seldom realize this. Below are just 5 of the ways you can make a positive impact, in your life and in others’, on a daily basis.



How often are you “talking” to or “listening” to someone, and you are not looking at them? This happens for mainly two reasons. First, and the worst, is because we are on our phones. Literally, we have our phones out and we’re scrolling through our IG or Pinterest feed, while we’re in the middle of a conversation.


This can also happen because some people aren’t comfortable making eye contact. This has become more common due to more often having conversations virtually, and less often in person.


Looking someone in the eye, nodding your head, acknowledging that you are truly listening to the words coming out of their mouth can mean a lot to people. Raise your awareness, and show people, that you are listening and you care.



When you ask somehow “how are you?”… don’t tune out before you hear the answer. Even before that, when you ask, mean it. You can hear genuineness it in someone’s voice and inflection.


I have spent many, many years working in food service, and I can actually remember interactions with specific patrons who brightened my day by looking in my eyes and asking me how my day was going? Then they would wait for me to answer, and I would think… “Wow this person cares!”


I will tell you, in food service, very often we have hard, stressful days… and sometimes there is nothing you need more than a caring person to ask you how you are. It reminds you that life is good, even when it feels iike the walls are crumbling down around you.



If you see something in someone you like or appreciate, there is no reason you should not tell them. It feels so good to hear nice things about ourselves.


Similar to above, I can remember specific compliments I received from people, friends and strangers, that stuck with me. Even to this day, I may be feeling blue or defeated, and I can recall that time that person told me I was “like a breath of fresh air”. It really helps me to get back to my roots if I begin to falter.


Say nice things to people. Who knows, the person you compliment could be feeling really defeated, or maybe they just lost a job, or maybe they just got bad news. You, could be the person to turn their day around.




Who doesn’t like to see someone smiling? Like really, genuinely smiling. Even more so, it always perks my mood, even if only a little, when I walk past a stranger and they look up and smile. When two humans, total strangers, look at one another and smile, it’s like saying… “Hey, we’re in this together, and I may not know you, and I may never see you again, but I hope your day is good to you.” That, is human connection.



This one may be easier for some than others, but even if you don’t fancy yourself a funny guy or gal, you can take life lightly and have a good sense of humor. Be the person to lighten the mood, not dampen it. Crack a joke or do a goofy dance or even share a funny meme or joke! Like all the greats, make em’ laugh and turn their day around.


Now take some time to commit all of the above, or at least the general gist, to memory. Add this knowledge to your Zenful Urbanite tool belt and go out and spread good vibes.


Be a force for good, today, and every day.

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