3 Simple Ways to Reduce Waste on the Daily

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Waste on the Daily

For many years, a blind eye has been turned to the growing problem of excessive waste.  This issue had skyrocketed in the past due to major industries and their focus on money, even if that was at a sacrifice of the environment.


Fortunately, there have always been activists and hippies and tree huggers and earth lovers and movers and shakers making their voices heard! For decades, people have been fighting for better treatment of the earth, and I do feel we have moved in a far better direction. Laws are being passed banning bags and Styrofoam and all kinds of awesome movements are in the making that will bring a smile to mother earth’s beautiful face.


Be Your Own Kind of Captain Planet


Also fortunately, there are many things you can do in your own personal life, to help reduce waste and in turn be your own kind of captain planet. Here I will list 5 ways that any average joe or jane can cut back on wastefulness

Say no to Paper Towels


When I moved into my most recent apartment, I didn’t purchase paper towels right away. This was not intentional so much as it just wasn’t at the top of the “things for the apartment list”. After a while of not having paper towels, I realized “Huh, I guess I don’t really need those things.” I used dishrags for messes or my hands. Then one day, Bodhi had an accident and I thought “OH nooo I have no paper towels what will I do!”… Oh yea, toilet paper. Then I flushed the evidence. How about that.


I do acknowledge this may be tougher will 3 kids running around the house, but all this really means is a few extra good rags or cloths or towels, whatever you would like to call them, and a little extra laundry on the weekly. You would be amazed how many paper towels we go through, and how many years the world got by without them.

Reusable Bags/Mugs


I will forever sing the praises of the reusable anything! That is primarily the problem here. One-time use requires no cleaning or remembering. I will fully admit, I have a heck of a time remembering my reusable bags for the grocery store. The one thing that brings me peace if I must bring home the plastics, is that I can use these for the pups’ business.


However, imagine, if everyone in the world had reusable bags AND reusable hot and cold cups, how many paper cups and plastic bags we would not throw into waste baskets. The number would be crazy. If anyone reads this who could provide me with a guesstimate, I would be thrilled!


It can take while to get in the habit of remembering your mug, but I tell you once you do, it’s as simple as grabbing your keys when you walk out the door. My reusable water cup is basically an extension of my arm.


Ditch the Unnecessarys at the Drive-Thru


Another place we partake in oh too much waste, is take out of the drive thru. More than likely, when you are taking food out of the establishment you are taking it back to the office or home to eat. Now, I know you have forks and a dishcloth at home (since we ditched the paper towels), and you very easily could have a fork at the office.


If it is not uncommon for you to eat out while working, keep utensils and a cloth at the office at all times. Most places have a sink, I imagine in the bathroom, where you can even wash these items after lunch so the utensils never even have to go home once they are in the office! Voila!


Go the extra mile at the drive thru or take out establishment and don’t even take a bag! Carry that Chipotle bowl to your car!



These are a mere few ways to help reduce waste! I would love to hear from anyone who chooses to implement these practices or if you have any more ideas as to how your average jane or joe can make a positive impact on the environment, day to day!


Carry on, my fam, and go save that planet that we love so much! I would love to hear some other ways that you try to reduce your waste!

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