i ditched the razor and gained self confidence

I’ve never been an obsessive shaver, but I have fulfilled my feminine duty up until this point in my life, by keeping my legs and pits shaven bare on a regular basis. I endured the inevitable itch when it all began to grow back, as it does, because it’s supposed to be there. I spent 20 […]

A lesson in consciousness

A Lesson in Consciousness & Why You Should Raise It

Let’s begin by talking a little bit about what consciousness means. When you look consciousness up on dictionary.com, you find several definitions, but each is rooted in being awake and aware.   However, we are not discussing simply going from sleep to wake in the actual sense. Or from fainting to regaining consciousness. We are […]

How to get the most out of your Sundays.

5 Ways to Own Your Sunday

Ah, Sunday.   The ultimate lazy day, and who doesn’t love a lazy day? A day to let go of all our busy thoughts and set aside the ever growing and seemingly never ending to-do list. A day to relax, reflect, rejuvenate and fill our tanks back up for the week to come.   For […]

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Waste on the Daily

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Waste on the Daily

For many years, a blind eye has been turned to the growing problem of excessive waste.  This issue had skyrocketed in the past due to major industries and their focus on money, even if that was at a sacrifice of the environment.   Fortunately, there have always been activists and hippies and tree huggers and […]