5 ways to return to zen

5 Simple Ways to Return to Zen

In our crazy, hectic, chaotic days it is all too easy to get caught up in the rush and lose sight of our zenful state of mind. That is okay. You are a human being and we are designed to fluctuate, it is all part of the ebb and flow, the wax and wane. Don’t […]

the essence of the zenful urbanite

The Essence of The Zenful Urbanite

Some of you may know me, and some of you may not. For those of you who do not, those who do would tell you that I am one of those sappy sensitive types with a bleeding heart. They would also tell you I am positive and kind. This blog is me doing something with […]

where do you go in absence of presence

Where Do You Go, When You Are Not Present

Would you pay 10 dollars to go see a movie, and then sit through the entirety of the film with your eyes closed and ear plugs in? Of course you wouldn’t, you paid good money to see that film!   Well let me tell you – your life is worth considerably more than 10 dollars […]

support local artisans

Why You Should Support Local Artisans

It was not long ago, that when we “needed” something or if we’re being really honest, “wanted” something, there was no superstore where we could get all our “needs” in one shot. More specifically, there was no Walmart, or Target. When you needed a dress, you would visit a local seamstress or tailor. When you […]

the benefits of being present

What’s All This Hype About Presence?

What does it mean to be Present? To be present, you should be completely in this moment in this place and time. If you are here, if you are in the moment, you will notice the sounds around you, you will smell the aromas, you will sense the energy, you will hear the words coming […]

benefits of minimalism

Own Few Things & Love Them Madly

We live in a consumer society. No wait, we live in an incredibly overstimulated, consumer society. According to the folks over at The Motley Fool, the average American is spending $140 dollars a day. *insert mouth agape emoji* Some of you may be shaking your heads saying, there is no way that is true. I […]

judge free zone, we are all imperfect

Instead of Judging, Try Understanding

As I have gotten older, I have observed that more and more I find myself uncomfortable and uneasy in social settings or gatherings of many people. Anywhere there are packs of people, I find myself going to a dark corner of my mind where I do not want to be. This is the place where […]