The world we live in today, while it be beautiful and awesome, is not and of course never will be… perfect. Our modern day and age, is overflowing with rampant stimuli, hurdling towards us from every which way. Where the internet has made a home in our pockets, social media and news notifications are screaming at us whenever someone, did something, somewhere.




Our minds are full, but not always with the right stuff, and hardly leaving room for our own unique and beautiful thoughts. We often function in a distracted, unconscious state. When we are not aware, we do not always make good, conscious choices.


On the other side of the spectrum, technological advancements have accomplished incredible things. Doctors can treat patients on the other side of the world, mothers and daughters, partners, friends and loved ones can feel closer through Facetime and Skype despite the miles between them.


We have apps that remind us to drink water and meditate, and sites that help budding entrepreneurs and do-gooders raise funds for awesome causes! This is without a doubt, an awesome time bursting with potential for goodness.


But if we exist in it unconsciously, it can be dangerous and dark.


Balance, people… it has always been, and will always be about balance. It, of course, being everything.


The Zenful Urbanite Movement was born out of my personal tug of war between loving and hating my cell phone and my relationship with it. I decided in a moment, that I did not have to be bitter and angry at the tender age of 30.  I decided to love and embrace the awesomeness and potential of this unique modern day and age, while also maintaining awareness of its potential for harm and disconnect.



A Zenful Urbanite appreciates the beauty and necessity of both sides, the need for balance. It is possible to exist in both worlds harmoniously. You can channel the chill vibes of a spiritual leader while embracing the move and groove of a small business entrepreneur.


To be a Zenful Urbanite is to exist in this world consciously; completely aware of our choices, why we made them, and the impact they have. A Zenful Urbanite appreciates all that is amazing about how far we have come in so many ways; the incredible genius of all the gadgets and gizmos, the progress in human rights and equality. Simultaneously, we also maintain awareness as to how, if the pendulum swings too far one way, we will undoubtedly, go overboard.

To give a clearer idea of how to be a Zenful Urbanite, below is a list of some of the habits or practices that a person who embraces the Zenful Urbanite way, may engage in.





This list is not all encompassing nor finite. At the end of the day, a Zenful Urbanite does good things on purpose… (with intention).

Join the movement, my people! Contribute only to what is good, right, and kind.


All my love.